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News 2012 !

News 2012 !

Muscadet Chateau de la Ragotiere 2010: WineReviewOnline, July 2012

photo bouteilles ragotiere vis

90 points
for our Muscadet sevre et maine Chateau de la Ragotiere, Old Vines 2010 in the WineReviewOnline

Also known at "Black Label", this is Chateau de la Ragotiere's top Muscadet, made from 50 year old vines. Yes, it's bracing as Muscadet should be. But it has a lovely texture and depth -- it must be the old vines speaking - -that is lacking in most Muscadet. It's a winning combination to cut through the heat and humidity of summer.

Michael Apstein, WineReviewOnline, July 10,2012 PDF article

Domaine de la Ragotiere : Everyday Drinking Chardonnay, June 2012

Domaine Ragotiere 2010
Wine of the week: Chardonnay Domaine Ragotiere 2010
Driven, salty, refreshing: just pure grape

Truly distinctive chardonnay at $13? Yep. Planted in the Muscadet region, the chardonnay of Ragotiere is almost as intense and nervy as its Muscadet. Full-on minerality, with a touch of lemon curd. Driven, salty, rereshing. No makeup here, just pure grape. Bill Zacharkiw, The Gazette, June 9, 2012

The Gazette June 2012

The work of the soils at Chateau de la Ragotiere

vignes Juin 2012
Always in search of the environmental protection, we begin the harrowing of our soils.

Chateau de la Ragotiere 2010 in The Gazette May 20,2012

The Gazette

Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur lie 2010, 1er Cru du Chateau, Chateau de la Ragotiere.
One of the most reserved of the Muscadets, the 2010 reminds me of the 2008, where lean, tight and rocky are the best descriptors.[...]By Bill Zacharkiw, Gazette Wine Critic May 20, 2012

The Gazette Montreal 20 mai 2012

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