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The Couillaud family
The Couillaud family


The history of Les Freres Couillaud begin in 1978 when they buy the Chateau de la Ragotiere. Crazy idea at that time but so much at their own image: bold and determinated. The story of a family and a place.


The Chateau de la Ragotiere is the former home of the noble family Lore de la Ragotiere, who settled here in the fourteenth century. The founder of this line was comrade in arms of Bertrand Du Guesclin. The castle was destroyed during the French Revolution. This noble family remained owner of the domain until the nineteenth century.

At the middle ages, it retains part of the caste moat, the remarkable porch with its antique gates and the Chapel is restored in a tasting room.

Vines are planted a long time ago with a multitude of plots. This Dome suitable for the cultivation of the vine has always developed keeping wines. Our cellar is a precious inheritance where we find great and old vintages and the oldest date back to 1947.

photo cave vieux millésime 1947


The three brothers

Bernard Michel FrançoisBernard, Michel and François were born in a family of winemakers based in Mouzillon for over 150 years. Auguste Couillaud, their grandfather, a pioneer in the early century had nearly 20 hectares vineyards. Leon, the father develops the renown of Clos Burgundians, one of the oldest plots of the Muscadet.

At the early 1970, Bernard who had the adventure in the heart, travels through the United States and Mexico. He returns with the ambition to make its Muscadet worldwide. While he was working with his father, he decides to sell the wine by himself in bottle, a real revolution at that time. His brothers, Michel and François are also interested in the vineyard and the three brothers decided to buy the Chateau de la Ragotière in 1979. The adventure of Couillaud Brothers begin with major operations in the winery and in the vineyards to rehabilitate the property. The beginnings were very promising with our Muscadet present in Great Britain, the USA and Japan.

In 1987, they decided to buy the Chateau de la Morinière, 30-hectare vineyard remote 3km of Ragotière. On this property, they decided to plant a new variety for the region: Chardonnay. This was a major innovation in the Muscadet Appellation. The Burgundian style of our Loire Chardonnay makes a discovery and ultimately becomes obvious.

The curiosity leads the brothers to new creations whose Chardet: blend of Melon de Bourgogne and chardonnay. In 1997, after 3 years of research, the experimental vineyard is created with unique grape varieties in the region such as Viognier, Petit Manseng and Muscat Petit Grain.


In 2006, Bernard, Michel and François welcome the new generation: Amelie, daughter of Bernard and her husband Vincent, both passionate about wine. Amelie, who is graduate in business and languages, handles exports while Vincent, an agricultural engineer is in charge of the Vineyard.

François Couillaud, the youngest of the brothers,works with Amelie and Vincent, this new generation brings innovative projects with environmentally friendly alternatives to the cultivation of the vine and a creation of a new cellar.

Jacques Benn, Président des DCF, Amélie Dugué, mauréate prix Performance Commerciale, Charles Battista, Président du Club Premier

In November 2013, Amelie won the National Trophy of the Women of the Economy saluting her work for the commercial development in 11 new countries. Les Femmes de l'Economie




Chateau de la Ragotiere, Vallet

VALLET, an outstanding Cru Communal in the Muscadet.
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