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Harvest in 1949
Harvest in 1949

The Nantais Vineyards

The Nantes wine-growing area is now one of the largest producers of dry white wine in France.

The ocean breeze

The ocean's influence on the vineyards is obvious: the climate here is mild though unpredictable and with moderate but frequent rainfall. The westerly winds give the wines a very characteristic hint of iodine, while the wide variation in rain fall and sunshine from one year to the next eightens the differences between vintages.

September 2008Gentle hillsides

The heart of the vineyard area, Sèvre et Maine, is completely devoted to wine. Its gently-sloping hillsides are covered with vine stocks. The soil, which is very varied, mainly consists of micaschist with a top layer of gneiss, amphibolites, gabbro or granite, depending on the location.




Chateau de la Ragotiere, Vallet

VALLET, an outstanding Cru Communal in the Muscadet.
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