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Mica-schist soil
Mica-schist soil

Our Terroir

The concept of terroir is wide but we retain two essential criteria which give a unique character to our wines. Our soil of mica-schists and the temperate climate that will bring freshness and finesse.

The soil

Our vineyards are located on the eastern part of Vallet. The basement consists of mica-schists albitic two-micas.

Mica-schistThere is two advantages with this type of soil. The lamination of this schist will result in rapid flow of water. The soil warms more quickly in spring and generate an early start to the vine. This crumbly side of the rock also allows deep rooting of vines. The roots find clay areas rich in minerals which are useful in summer to water resources. The difference between plots concerns the orientation of the vines, slope, soil thickness and age of the vines.

The Climate

Our vineyard is located South of the Loire, 50km from the Atlantic Ocean. We have a rather oceanic climate. Winters are relatively mild which generates a fairly early start to the vine. Sometimes too much because the risk of frost exist until May. That's the reason why we put an antifreeze sprinkler system in 1991 on the hillside where our Chardonnays are planted.

antifrost systemSummers are relatively dry but with mild temperatures. On some wet years, we cut the leaves around the fruit area to ensure good ventilation of the berries and the best possible maturity. The vine suffers little drought and especially the balance between sugar / acid in the berries allows to obtain aromatic wines while keeping its freshness. This climate is important in the character of our wines and gives it a real originality.



Chateau de la Ragotiere, Vallet

VALLET, an outstanding Cru Communal in the Muscadet.
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